Ocean Spray
NSAC Competition

The Problem: Millennials know what Ocean Spray is, but they are not buying its products. The Strategy: Show that through partnership, Ocean Spray products can make things better. Our campaign, Credit to the Cran, shows how easy it is for Millennials to integrate Ocean Spray's products into their lives. We've taken Ocean Spray's iconic personality and given it a new Millennial voice. This campaign won Best Theme/Slogan and 3rd place in District 11 of the NSAC Competition.  

Services: art direction & design


In Store:

These witty tiny billboards will encourage our audience to spice up their grocery cart with minimal effort. 

out of home:

This airport walkway and bus wrap will give Millennials a reason to smile on their commute. 


A social media make-over on multiple social media platforms.  We maintained our witty brand voice and combined it with a bright and stylistic visual identity.



These cheeky cranversation starter coasters can help Millennials start up a funny conversation at a bar and even give them a ride home. 

An Ocean Spray sponsored "bog skim" competition will give athletes and live-stream viewers the chance to give Credit to the Cran in a unique way.

The Plans Book: